IoT device management platform for managing and monitoring thousands of products as well as users


OpenRemote lets you connect thousands, if not ten thousands of assets as well as users. The scalable rules allow you to monitor any of these devices with a single rule as well as manage firmware updates. The open source IoT platform is the perfect basis for your own IoT asset management platform without a vendor lock-in.

Auto provision thousands of devices

When manufacturing your devices you prepare them in such a way that they automatically connect to our platform and present a certificate when powered on at the customer side. Through a secure auto provisioning flow, the certificate will be checked in OpenRemote when the device tries to register. This way only authorised devices can connect.

Easy interface to add intelligence to the IoT system

Thousands of users connect their device with bespoke apps

To manage user levels for admin, installer, user and a device, we offer the option of ‘restricted access’ to users. A device registration flow in the end user app automatically links each user to his individual device. In addition roles can be added such that e.g. installers can write additional settings while end users can only see and read a limited set of attributes. Design your bespoke apps for both your installers and end users, using our library of UI web components and our consoles for iOS and Android.

New services by predicting behaviour

With monitoring under control, you can start creating new services by combining your connected assets with other services or algorithms. With an easy user interface you create scalable rules to describe behaviour of your system, for example “When solar energy production is higher than building energy consumption, then charge the electric car”. Or predict the behaviour of your devices based on the weather forecast in their area and warn your end users in time through a push notification.

Mobile asset management app

Firmware OTA updates

With thousands of devices distributed with your customers, you want to keep them up to date to prevent any security vulnerabilities. OpenRemote integrates with firmware rollout tools such as Hawkbit and Balena. It keeps your device firmware or OpenRemote edge gateways in sync with newly registered and connected devices as well as knows about the latest software versions installed. OpenRemote and OTA firmware management tools go hand in hand.

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