100% open source IoT platform

OpenRemote is an intuitive user-friendly 100% open source IoT device management platform for manufacturers, integrators and governments. It includes all functions and features from connecting devices to building application and domain specific smart applications. Here’s an overview of the main functions and features.

The OpenRemote Manager Interface

The Manager lets you configure and maintain your IoT system

Asset management page of OpenRemote IoT platform

Asset Management

The manager is the interface to create, connect and manage assets. Asset types can be fully customised, visualised on maps and asset pages, as well as stored or used for rules and dashboards.

Map of all devices in your OpenRemote IoT platform

Location services

Geographical overview of your assets and their current values. Modify the map to fit your area of interest and make use of geofencing to trigger alarms or send notifications.

Data visualisation tool for connected IoT devices

Data visualization

On the insights page any data source or device can be compared in time and with each other. The created page can be used as a comprehensive report on the status of your project.

Made for Growth

Create the customer and location structure that fits your business, and handle high volumes of your product.

OpenRemote allows you to define your own asset types

Digital twins

Define a perfect digital twin of your devices or physical environment, using asset types. Configure your own asset types, attributes and behaviour to make your application fit your reality.

Auto-provisioning of your devices with templates and X.509 certificates

Auto provisioning

Secure auto provisioning allows devices to create and connect to a new asset. Define the asset type and roles, to enable secure two-way communication, over MQTT, with the respective attributes.

Use multi tenancy and allow large numbers of restricted users.

Multi tenancy access

Large number of users just get access to their own assets and environments. Use Realms (multi tenancy), Roles, and Restricted users for role based, or device access control (RBAC or DAC).

Communicate with your Devices

OpenRemote can both function as the server and client depending on your needs. Connect any device, API, and gateway.

All the standard protocol agents are included in OpenRemote

Protocol Agents

Protocol Agents connect external devices and services. Generic protocols as HTPP, SNMP, MQTT, Bluetooth, Serial, TCP, UDP, Z-wave are included, as well as vendor specific ones like KNX and Velbus. Create your own via a custom project.

MQTT (broker), HTTP (with Swagger documentation) and Web-socket APIs in the OpenRemote IoT platform

Manager APIs

Manager APIs allow external devices or services to connect to OpenRemote as clients. OpenRemote includes an MQTT (Broker), HTTP, and Websocket API. Service users for headless access use standard OAuth 2.0 techniques.

Connect multiple OpenRemote instances as gateways to a central instance.


Deploy multiple OpenRemote instances for each of your customers, and connect to a central instance. All your customer instances can be connected to the central instance, offering remote access as well as synchronising the gateways.

Add Automation and Alerting

Easily add intelligence to your system without writing a word of code.

Simple UI tool to create smart when then IoT rules

When-Then rules

With When-Then rules you can monitor any attribute or time condition and trigger an action on an attribute, or sending push notifications or emails. Using web hooks allows for integration in your existing workflows.

Simple UI tool to create smart flow IoT rules

Flow rules

Flow rules can process and manipulate data to create new data and attributes. Use flow rules for data conversions, combine multiple attributes into one new attribute or even dynamically create sentences.

Simple UI tool to create smart Groovy IoT rules

Groovy rules

Groovy is a scripting language which allows for defining more complex automation logic. It gives you the freedom to define almost anything in a running system, e.g. defining group behaviour or your own type of alert condition.

Customize your Apps

Style the manager interface to match your brand, or even create a custom app for your (customer’s) customer

Whitelabeling direct from the UI, 100% open source.

White labeling

Using the Appearance settings you can easily change logo’s and color styling for each of the realms. Also set the navigation items, default languages, asset types, and how icons are shown on the map.

Build your own apps, using the manager APIs or a library of UI web components.

Web components

With web components, you can quickly create your own application specific apps, whether mobile for end users or installers, or dashboards for the expert. The manager app is build on this as well.

Mobile asset management app.

Mobile app

For installation, monitoring and maintenance it is important to have access to your assets while in the field. Using the OpenRemote app to access the Manager gives location-based messaging options.

Fits your project

Mobile asset management

Custom project

Use the OpenRemote Custom project template for configuring all your own specific settings, asset types and agents, and integrate your own container services, on top of OpenRemote.

Log page of asset events

Container services

Set up your own container services as part of the custom project. Add your own optimisations or forecasting models. Even adding machine learning or AI algorithms is an option.

Map of all devices

Firmware OTA rollout

Manage firmware OTA updates of edge devices and keep version in sync with OpenRemote. Based on your OpenRemote role, you can manage new rollouts, using our integration with Hawkbit.

List of all Features

For a more fine grained overview we have listed all features below. If you don’t want to scroll through lists, just try the Online Demo or Watch the Video.

User Applications
  • OpenRemote UI components
  • Configurable Dashboard
  • Console for iOS 10 and higher
  • Console for Android 5 and higher
  • Web Console
  • Console and Web Push notification
  • Console Geofences
  • Client/Console APIs
Assets & Attributes
  • Configurable asset and attribute structure
  • Asset location tracking
  • Linking attributes
  • Health Status Provider
  • Manager MQTT, HTTP and Websocket APIs
  • Data migration for bulk editing assets
Agent Protocol Support
  • ArtNET/DMX
  • Bluetooth Mesh
  • Edge Gateway
  • E-mail
  • HTTP
  • KNX
  • MQTT client
  • MQTT server
  • Serial
  • Simulator
  • SNMP
  • TCP
  • UDP
  • Velbus
  • Web socket
  • Z-wave
Manager APIs
  • Websocket API
  • MQTT Server API
Rules and services
  • Rules engine for automation
  • When-Then Rules editor
  • Flow modelling editor
  • Groovy scripting editor
  • Time series forecasting
  • Add custom services
  • Microgrid energy optimisation service
  • Notification service, e-mail
Gateways and Devices
  • OpenRemote as on-premise Edge Gateway
  • Interconnect Gateways with Central Manager
  • Gateway tunneling
  • Auto provisioning devices, e.g. Espressif ESP32, Nordic nRF9160, TI ESP8266
  • X.509 or HMAC Certification for Device provisioning
  • Edge Device firmware updating (Hawkbit)
  • Partner integrations, e.g. Teltonika
Identity, authentication and autorisation
  • Multi realm/tenant solution
  • Account management & ID service
  • Multiple users and roles
  • Create and Forgot password flow
  • Access rights: public, private or restricted
  • Security OAuth
  • Link to Active Directory
Hosting & Service options
  • Docker images
  • On premise hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Hosting as a Service
  • Edge Gateway on ARM64