Connect your equipment while out in the field to optimize yield as well as safeguard operation


OpenRemote lets you provision, connect, monitor and control all of your agriculture equipment. Your farmers get their own bespoke mobile app to access, optimize and monitor all their equipment while increasing yield in a sustainable way. The open source IoT platform is the perfect basis for your own agriculture IoT device management platform without a vendor lock-in.

Connect your farming equipment

Modern techniques like drones, sensors, and robots enable more accurate treatment per square meter, per plant or animal, and even based on the plant or animal lifecycle. Connecting up systems potentially brings even higher yields in a more sustainable manner. Our open source agriculture IoT platform enables device manufacturers as well as system integrators to make these connections and start building value added services on top.

Easy interface to add intelligence to the IoT system

Secure access for farmers

To manage secure fleet and device access for manufacturers, distributors, system integrators, and farmers, we offer multiple ways for role based acces, restricted access or provisioning securely separated realms. Manufacturer can use these options to give Installers and farmers new insights in their system behaviour, crop growth, or stock health. In addition rules can be added so farmers receive advise. Or automation can be added to sprinklers, feeders, lights or fertilisers. Our identity and access management solution keeps uninvited users out.

Optimizing and securing yield

With monitoring under control, you can start creating new services by combining your connected assets with other services or algorithms. With an easy to use interface you create rules to automate behaviour of your system. For example, to protect plants from spring freezes: “When air temperature is dropping below zero, then turn on the sprinkler”. Or control your greenhouse RGB light spectrum, humidity and fertiliser based on crop specific recipes.

Mobile asset management app

Reporting performance

With all live and historical values in one place, performance of sprinklers, salinity levels or water tanks can be evaluated by your clients, while installers and farmers have their own mobile apps. Using the OpenRemote Agriculture IoT device platform they can keep track of performance, and receive alerts when immediate action is required. On a regular basis your clients can view their one page dashboard and check the yield for the week or month.


Herd-ITT offers a cattle monitoring solution offering both location as well as health tracking with OpenRemote as interface to their professional customers. See the Herd-ITT product.
A-Electronix supports agriculture device manufacturers developing gateways for their farming solutions. Using the OpenRemote platform both distributors and farmers have access to their machines, to monitor performance and optimise output. More about A-Electronix