Fleet Telematics integration Teltonika

Mar 15, 2024 | Blog, Press

We’re excited to announce the implementation of a new domain of OpenRemote, Fleet Telematics! The only one officially recognised by Teltonika Telematics as both a complete Management and API platform.

Using the flexible backbone of the OpenRemote platform, we can now cater to the needs of the always-expanding market of fleet management. Specifically, using the powerful rules engine for automation, prediction algorithms, asset structure, and insight dashboards, the management of a fleet of vehicles becomes an effortless task.

As a first step in the fleet telematics market, the entire product-line of Teltonika Telematics devices is now supported within the OpenRemote platform, with innovative technologies landing us in the Teltonika Lists of Supported Fleet Management as well as Telematics API Platforms.

Would you like to find out more about OpenRemote and Fleet Telematics? Check out the Fleet Telematics domain or our Fleet Telematics Tutorial on GitHub.